Coming Soon from ​HERO PM...An ​Accounting Solution You're Going to ​Love!

Operation Forklift has sprung to life!  You've been waiting oh, so long, and it's coming around the corner!  Get the inside scoop on HERO Accounting here.


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Help us make this the awesomest solution you can imagine!

17 years of input is only the start! We need all the input we can get. HERO Accounting is going to be the best solution for web-based property management accounting, and to do that we need to know what awesome means to you. Do you want it to provide broker exclusion reports? How about dynamic key assignments? Alerts when a vendor is late, and a map showing which Starbucks they're stuck at? Real-time reporting of rent fluctuations? Notification when your tenant brings home an unauthorized pet? The sky's the limit, tell us what would give you a High Efficiency Rental Office!

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All the things you wanted to know

Want to know why we are doing this? What problems we are trying to solve? Why we can say with confidence that this will be the industry's best solution? Every wondered what an Operation Forklift is? Take a quick read of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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